How To Set Up Your Own Free Mobile Friendly Internet Marketing Website



What is Internet MarketingIf you are new to Internet Marketing you probably have several questions, like:

  • What is Internet or Affiliate Marketing?
  • And how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners?
  • And how to become successful at affiliate marketing?
  • And does Affiliate Marketing really work and do Affiliate Marketers really make money?
  • Can people make money with Affiliate Marketing and not spend money?

Internet or Affiliate Marketing is a method used to communicate, promote, recommend, and sell either your own products or other peoples’ products. The products can be physical items like kitchen accessories such as spiral cheese graters or pizza sheets or appliances, or just about anything else for the kitchen and just about any other physical product you can think of like Volleyball, Soccer, and Ski equipment. And then, there are digital products such as E-Books, Courses, Instructions, Plans, Games, and even Memberships to groups where News and Information are distributed, taught and exchanged. And many more options within these categories, too many to count right now. This video shows an overview of some things that are required in internet marketing, however some of these are paid options, but gives you an idea of the big picture.

And then there are a lot of savvy Internet and Affiliate Marketers making money without spending money in many instances. It is very do-able to start your own Internet Business from home and promote and sell just about anything (that is legal) for free! One of the strategies of doing this type of marketing is using Web 2.0 sites, like Tumblr or Blogger for example, on which anyone can set up a website for free. There are a lot of advantages to these types of sites, like, they’re free to sign up for an account, free to grab your own domain name as long as nobody beat you to the name you would like to use, and then build your site. There’s a lot of buzz about how do I make my website mobile friendly free, and another advantage is that these sites are mobile friendly already. These sites are point and click easy to create and there is a very good course that covers how to become an internet marketer and get started online and working from home with zero cost, and is not expensive to purchase. You can learn everything from start to finish in easy step by step videos. There are more rules if you use Web 2.0 sites, than if you were to pay for your own Domain and Hosting, but this is a great way to learn and get started, and in some cases, savvy action takers are making a lot of money doing it this way. Another advantage of using Web 2.0 sites is that they’re very powerful and are often easier to get traffic and naturally rank easier in the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

So, say goodbye to nine to five and learn how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners and intermediate marketers, for free. Of course there’s no guarantee that your or anyone will make money, because we don’t know each other, and as with anything, success does require learning and a lot of work. If you’re ready to give this a try, you can see more here.


Create Free Passive Income Streams

Creating No Cost Passive Income Streams

How does learning how to easily create free passive income streams sound? Well, with the right instructions, it is point and click – easy, to create lots of web properties for free. As many as we want! We will learn how ‘noobs’ and experienced online marketers set up income streams for free with what we’re about to be shown, using free tools, tips, tricks, and resources.

Free Web 2.0'sThe short and simple explanation of getting started on this, is to first choose a market that inspires passion, like beauty, health and fitness, mountain bike racing, knitting, or in whatever subject or market we would like to get involved, and that maybe we have some experience in, or knowledge of. Experience or knowledge is not required though because we can learn enough about a particular market with some studying and research, and with what we learn, plus our interest and passion in this area, we will be in good shape and can create good, true content with lots of great value for our readers.

Next or at the same time, is keyword research which is very important. This can make or break your success, and if you stick around, I’ll get into the details for you soon. Once you have a good set of keywords, you build good, valuable and informative content around these keywords. I will show you where you can learn these online and affiliate marketing basics, but here is a short video that shows a little bit about how it’s done.

We will also want to also go viral with free video marketing tools. This will really help your marketing in many different ways, because video is a very powerful marketing tool and is very effective for attracting traffic. People LOVE VIDEO, even more than pictures. The really great thing about this is there are several free tools that you can use to create your own videos and use them in your online businesses.

Next we will want to generate free search engine traffic and there are several ways to do this which are pretty easy, but as with everything, it’s a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it, with no cost marketing secrets. As we learn more and become more advanced we can opt to use low cost marketing secrets, but the no cost options also work very well, and there are 16 free and very powerful traffic sources ready and available to tap into right now.

To find out more about this great way to start your own online business, please check it out here.

There are actually 5 business models taught in this special offer, and all of them can be started and run, or just start one or two of them, without spending money, assuming that we have a laptop or tablet to work from, and an internet connection, whether it’s at home, or at the local coffee shop or library or wherever there’s free wifi available to use.




Make Money From Home Without Spending Money

Want To Learn Internet Marketing Without Spending Money To Start?

If you’re just starting out as an Internet Marketer, there is really good news. Among several products that are pretty good, there are a few options which can be done on a shoestring budget or for no cost (except for the cost of whatever system you choose to purchase) which is totally do-able if you’re just starting out. There are a couple digital online marketing systems that are very inexpensive to purchase (about the cost of a pizza) and these products  are created by in most cases, honest and successful marketers who use their systems or products themselves and they show you how to start several different models of internet businesses in easy, detailed, over-the-shoulder videos, which you can check out right here. There are a couple systems that show you how to build your business without spending a dime, or how to promote products online for little or no cost.

How to use Social Media in Online MarketingOnce you get it going and start making sales you could scale up if you like, and start adding paid for – web properties to work with, or in addition to the free web properties and tools and strategies, as you advance.

This product is a great option for getting started. Maybe like me and so many others, you’ve purchased crappy products that promised a professional site and lots of easy sales, with a “Click or the Push of a Button” and then you received lousy quality and no sales, and your money and your time were wasted. The products here are a very good option for the beginner and intermediate, because of some great setup instructions, and also where to get and how to use free tools like free video production and how to upload them, opt ins, list building and a free email auto responder, AND on one product, 16 methods of getting free traffic to your site, plus more. It’s an awesome package.

The Internet offers the possibility of living free and getting out of the Rat Race. Freedom from someone telling you what to do and when to do it, and how much you’re going to be paid. Freedom is a very attractive part of this lifestyle . Of course, mastery and success will need to be accomplished first, and it does require time to learn, and the work, putting the methods into action, which is something the less than honest guru’s do not tell you when they ask you to buy their push button products, depicted in the below video that makes fun of these types of products and their ads:

To succeed, you will need a good, tested system created by reputable marketer(s), and to dig in and learn how all the components work, and put them into action with consistent effort.

More GOOD NEWS – this system puts you in the driver’s seat as far as Google is concerned. You will learn how to drive your own traffic for FREE, and not have to totally rely on Google for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) traffic, where the rules and algorithms are always changing. That said, you may end up ranking organically for some of your keywords anyway because of the quality of the methods you will use in these systems.

There are unlimited markets to choose from, and lots of people promote and sell just about anything and everything online, such as the latest cutting edge digital information products and thousands of physical products, including sought after items like toys, books, electronics, sports equipment, clothing, jewelry and much more, on websites like Amazon, and also new and used products on sites like Ebay. There are many ways to market countless products online as an affiliate which makes this an attractive, creative and fun alternative to being stuck in a dead end job, where you can promote products that you are passionate about.






Learn How To Make Money Working From Home


Affiliate Marketing is an exciting vehicle to enter the world of making money from home, and getting free of the 9 to 5 soul destroying crappy job, and the stress of an oppressive boss. Internet marketing can be the gateway to being able to live a more free lifestyle with less boundaries and limitations (and ideally a lot less stress and negativity) that are typical of so many jobs.

Don’t dump your job until you have something that is working well, that will replace your income! Keep reading – Very Good News below…

The entry costs for setting up an online business are very low compared to setting up a brick and mortar business, and the potential to earn  could be substantial, after one learns the systems, and marketing, and how to get commissions for referrals and sales from promoting affiliate offers, and products. The products can be other peoples’ digital information products as well as popular physical products, like Amazon products for example. The larger costs to start are for the obvious components: a computer and an internet connection. There are lots of savvy innovative people who are amazingly doing this business from their smart phones, tablets and laptops from virtually anywhere there’s an available wifi signal or internet connection. The possibilities are endless as so many people do this business successfully from the beaches and mountains and resorts of the world. Or more practically, from their dining table or home office, and with the flexibility to be more available to your family.

Now, you’re probably thinking, HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY? Right?

Well, listen up, because there is a new system available, with 89 Videos (formatted for both Macs and PCs) that walks you step by step, through how to build any or all of 5 different online business models in this product, plus how to use and build 16 methods that drive free traffic to your sites, without being dependent upon SEO in Google. And, this system is taught, using no out of pocket costs aside from the low cost of this product, which is less than we would pay for a couple pizzas on a Friday night, and then you’re off and running. Free traffic, Free Video tools, and many other Free tools that are shown for you to use, and that have been tested by the experts who created this system.

Affiliate Marketing can be very challenging….. To be successful using most systems, one needs to learn the tech side of the business well, and to research the markets they’ve chosen, using the right tools correctly, and to decide which markets and products are worth investing time and energy in….And building a website, and putting together a video, or any other online marketing campaign….And then getting paid for sales and commissions if everything works right.

However there is a No Cost system which is taught in detail, in 89 step by step videos, covering 5 different online business models, and which are much easier to learn for newbie beginners and experienced marketers, because the techniques and strategies are not as difficult as learning the high tech science of SEO to rank in the search engines. Everything is shown in detail without missing pieces of the puzzle being left out which is so common in most marketing courses. And because the guys teaching it know their stuff, are experts, have used the techniques they teach, and they are honest, and want their students to succeed.

This internet marketing training program is one that would also benefit intermediate and advanced internet marketers, because with the knowledge and experience that they have, using this product, would enable them to add more effective tools to their systems, increasing their chances for greater success. Check it out here